Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

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There’s nothing worse than thinking you might’ve found a keeper only to see them in public and they have a fucking girlfriend. God fucking DAMMIT.


Supa Bwe x Auggie The 9th - MAHJIK

Directed by Frag’D Films


Oh holy fuck yes.

God dammit.  That awkward moment when an old college acquaintance sits down and tried to talk to you about the last four years.  And it’s one of those dudes that you didn’t really care for/want to talk to, ever again.


The lone howl of a coyote sometimes announces that it has been separated from its pack. The pack will often emit group “yip howls” to call their lost member, which could explain the response the man in this video gets when he imitates their howl from deep within the forest.


That response is like, on some horror movie shit.  I could see that happening in a found footage film or some shit.


Need to learn this

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Cannot wait to be able to walk around the house with just my briefs on and be comfortable in my own skin. Hopefully covered with tattoos by that point.


Just an FYI. Cause new things are better.



I’ve moved all my PS3 games to my new place. My PS3 is still here, and I don’t have internet to play Destiny. God DAMMIT.